My Top Tips for making a Picture Book

1. Keep a notebook (or several) for all your ideas. Sometimes I write things down in the middle of the night or on my phone if I'm out and about. Sometimes my notebooks have random expressions I've heard or funny rhyming words or the name of a plant which I like. 2. Enjoy poetry! Try making up a rhyme the next time you take a walk or you are waiting for the bus - its a really fun way to pass the time. Try to think about the rhythm of the words as you say them. 3. Find a Problem A story is only a story when there is a problem or journey of some kind. So look out for the little problems in life you can write about. The next time you have a little upset or embarrassing situation think of it

It's hard to draw at the zoo!

A couple of months ago I went to London Zoo ... without the kids in tow. I took my sketchbook and lots of paints and inks and brushes and palettes. I was excited. I was going to have all the time in the world to draw animals! Once I finally got there I was so tired from the tube journey and the walk and carrying all my paints and inks etc that I had to sit in the cafe and have a coffee and a sandwich (brie and grape I think). Then it started to spit with rain ... you can see where this is going, can't you? And then most of the animals were either in their dark enclosures or hopping about so fast I couldn't even get my pencil to the paper. Anyway, after much frustration I came across an encl

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