Getting ready for the Bologna Book Fair 2018

I am getting my Postcards, business cards, and portfolio ready for the Bologna Book Fair which will be held at the end of March.

I have never been before but have heard that it's a huge affair bursting with Illustration talent from all across the world. There will be lots of portfolio plugging and hopefully some mingling - meeting fellow artists and authors.

I am excited yet scared, apprehensive yet curious. I've been told by several experienced Illustrators that it can be overwhelming and if you are not careful it could swallow you whole and spit you out and leave you feeling a bit ... worthless (not those words exactly, but something like that). Jeez, I hope not. I'm going to try to go with the approach that I've worked my socks off, I'm happy to take advice and learn and grow ... and here I am. Like me or not ;-)

I am going to wear the comfiest shoes so that I don't keel over with all the queue standing, pack lots of yummy goodies and not forget to sample the Italian wine in the evenings!

Here are two of the postcards I have produced to leave randomly!

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