A great review from 'Father Reading Every Day' for 'Sophie's Shell'!

I feel very lucky to have had my book reviewed by Father Reading Every Day! Daddy and T have an amazing blog where they review a children's book every day. There is this super amazing bit where T reads the story back to his dad and talks about it. It's wonderful stuff!

So ... they have just reviewed 'Sophie's Shell' and gave it a really lovely report.

This is a lovely story to explore with children 4 and up, and absolutely ideal if you have a child starting nursery or reception in the next month or so! Jo has a knack of exploring emotion in a child-friendly, accessible way and this book could really prove helpful to many!

T really enjoyed it and was eager to discuss friends. He told me, “I liked the pretty pink snail. She is a nice friend and friends make you happy because you love them.” He had clearly internalised lots of the story as you can see in his solo read tonight…

Click the pic to take a look!

Father reading every day


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