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I have recently visited some primary schools where we read my book 'A Box of Butterflies' and then did some discussion about emotions and some artwork connected to it. So I thought I would upload some worksheets for any parents or teachers who would like to use them after reading my book.

There is a How to draw Robot sheet. You can use this and then get your child to try to create different robot characters by changing the proportions of the rectangle shapes used to make the body.

For the other worksheets, I recommend a group discussion (using a spider diagram) of types of emotions, what makes us feel different emotions and the things we might be able to do to bring ourselves back to a feeling of calm. It's important to acknowledge our feelings and not push them away or bury them. So encourage your child to be honest and let it be known that no feeling is wrong. We are all different and also need different ways to bring us back to a feeling of calm.

I would love to see the children's ideas on this. Please feel free to send me their drawings so I can see them. I will write back - I promise!

Please right click on the images below to download them.


How to Draw Robot

My Happiness Butterfly
My Angry Volcano

My Sadness Cloud
Calming Robot

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