Maple’s Lockdown Letter

We had been planning to get a puppy from a very special breeder since December and we were so excited to hear the news that the puppies would be ready to bring home at the end of April. And then lockdown happened! Thankfully, our breeder had the authorisation to bring our puppy to us. We were thrilled and we named her Maple.

But without any vaccinations she had to stay at home and only go for a walk in a bag to see the outside world. After a very scary visit to the vets, where Maple was taken away by a vet wearing full PPE, I realised what a different start to life she has had. Normally, we would be having plenty of friends, old and young, around to meet her in the house before we went out for walks. Could this lack of socialisation affect her long term?

When inspiration hits me, it’s usually at 6am in the morning when I’m just waking. The poem started writing itself in my head so I grabbed a pen and paper. Before I knew it, I’d written the whole thing and rather than illustrating it, I thought I would do a little film with Maple in the staring role. I hope you enjoy it!

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